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Recuro Health

Virtual Urgent Care

24/7 access to board-certified doctors for treatment of common medical concerns with ongoing communication with your doctor. Accessible virtually through phone, web, and desktop computer.

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24/7 Access
Recuro physicians are available whenever our patients need them, day or night.
Electronic Rx Ordering
Prescriptions are immediately sent to the patient’s preferred pharmacy for easy pickup.
Consult Transcriptions
Consults can be recorded and transcribed, allowing patients continuous access to information.
Multi-Channel Options
Live video, phone, and messaging options let each patient receive care the way they like.
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If needed, urgent care can seamlessly transition to Recuro’s ongoing virtual primary care to improve patient health and preempt future issues.


Patients can see a board-certified physician wherever they are, whenever they need it.


Patients receive treatment plans based on their unique needs and can ask follow- up questions to their doctors after the visit, free of charge.

Disclaimer: These Services are for non-emergency conditions only. Telehealth does not replace the primary care doctor, services are not considered insurance or a Qualified Health Plan under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Telehealth doctors do not prescribe DEA controlled substances (schedule I-IV) and do not guarantee that a prescription will be written. Available nationwide where allowable by law. For updated full disclosures, please contact your Program Administrator.

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